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I think really fat people should be charged more on airlines. We all pay for our ticket but some people use up more of the fuel hauling around their great big fat stomachs. Also they should increase the Air Passenger Duty for these people, this will mean that the fatter they are, the more duty they pay, meaning we can pay less. That’s a good idea as it might save their lives, as it will be an incentive for them to slim down a bit. Also they would not be allowed to purchase chocolate Muffins on easyJet flights. This also may save their lives.

I’m surprised Michael O’Leary hasn’t thought of it already.

I’m sure we have all seen fat people in wheelchairs simply because they are too fat to walk on their own, this should be stopped too, they should be told to diet instead. Some years ago, Helen and I were in Greece on holiday. A fat woman weighting about 22 stone arrived at the swimming pool. She told anyone who would listen that she had a thyroid problem. She didn’t! There was a slight clue in the fact that she ate six Mars bar ice creams in the next hour.

There was a programme on TV recently about fat people putting on weight. This woman, who weighed 19 stone, was asked to write down what she ate in an average day, She recorded eating about 1,200 calories of food, much less than the 2,000 calories that is the average daily intake for women. She said that she only ate a calorie counted ready meal for her tea. She was watched for a whole week to see what she really ate. She did have a calorie counted ready meal for her tea, but must have forgotten to mention she has four thick slices of garlic bread with it. If fact her average daily intake was 4,300 calories, enough for more than two women.

Fat people say that they can’t understand why they are putting on weight. I can help theme here, it’s because they eat too much. Eat less and lose some weight, anyone can do it, anyone.

So stop making excuses and do something about it. I did.