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Fancy a nice new pair of shoes? You can do the old fashioned thing and buy them in a shop, or you can buy them online. Just be careful where you get them from.

Here is a nice pair of shoes that I have found online on two different websites, at two different prices, but they are the same pair of shoes. To be honest the two websites are not that different, they are, in fact both owned by the same company, only the prices are different. Firstly there is Samuel Windsor, who sell shoes then there is Samuel Windsor who also sell the same shoes from a different website. Click to see the difference, the photo of the shoes is the same, the description of the shoes is the same, the shoes will be the same, but on the first site the price is £115, on the second they are £64.95 Which price would you prefer to pay?

This is the same all over the internet, and all over the high street as well. In these difficult times it’s even more important to shop around than it used to be, and there are bargains to be had, if you can find them. Are these shoes really worth £115, or is the more realistic price £49.95?

Actually I did buy a pair of shoes from Samuel Windsor not so long ago, from the second site, and I paid less that £49.95 for them too. They are a nice pair of shoes, I’m wearing them right now actually, and they were worth the money I paid for them. But I could have paid much more. So Beware!