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This is not a difficult choice is it!

I’ve not written for a while, as I’ve been busy making websites, and I had a short trip to Spain too. I’m not going to write much today either, just a few things though:

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal

For God’s sake get your hair cut, you look ridiculous. A medium length bob would be much better, perhaps with some blonde highlights.

Ken Bruce

The latest RAJAR results (radio listening figures) shows that Ken now has more listeners to his Radio 2 show than ever before 7.72 Million people listen. Well done Ken, but it’s just radio, don’t get big-headed about it. Some people do.

Blue Peter

Several of the tabloid papers have reported this week that Blue Peter is being ‘ditched’ by the BBC. They say that the programme will now ‘only’ be shown on the CBBC Channel. They just don’t understand it do they. CBBC is an established children’s TV channel; by the end of this year when all of the UK will have switched over to digital TV, all homes in the country will get CBBC on their TV’s. As most children already watch almost all the BBC children’s output on CBBC, putting children’s programs on BBC1 is just duplication. The audience figures for children’s programmes on BBC 1 is now very low anyway, so this in not the shocking move the tabloids think it is, it makes perfect sense.


The Spanish bank ‘Bankia’ has been partly privatised by the new Spanish Government of Mariano Rajoy. Bankia has only existed for a few months, it is the amalgamation of Caja Madrid and a few other under performing savings banks. My mortgage is with Bankia, I don’t suppose it will make any difference to me, I will still have to pay.

The One Show

I’m not much bothered about this show, but I might watch it occasionally if we could please have subtitles so we can understand what that girl is saying.