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We saw a nice property for sale on the Sanderson Young website. It’s on the large side, has seven bedrooms and seems good value at only £4,950,000. We quite like it. There would be room for Nick to put his drums somewhere, we could probably put a barbecue in the garden and I’m impressed with the kitchen. But, unfortunately, it’s the master bedroom that lets it down. I think you see the problem.

On a Friday night you may have spent a little time in the ‘Wine Room’, selected a nice bottle of Australian Shiraz (Asda £4.99) and consumed a glass or two. Consequently when you wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the lavatory, you can see how far away the en-suite bathroom is. By the time you’ve got there, used the facility, and then walked all the way back to the bed, you will be so wide awake that further sleep will elude you.

So, reluctantly, for that reason, we’ve decided not to buy.