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The Olympic Flame made it to the Tyne Valley today and passed by rather uneventfully. I’ll never see it again in my lifetime so I suppose it was a historic moment.

Before it arrived literally dozens of Police motorcycle riders came through in short convoys of three or four at a time. And what a hopeless bunch of show offs they were.

Waving to the crowd, as if we cared about them, and if they thought they weren’t getting enough attention they put on their sirens. When you are only one foot away from a police siren, it’s amazing how loud there are.

What made it worse was that many of them, the vast majority, drove down the road very close to the pavements so they could slap the hands of kids on the pavement. They were riding motorcycles one handed very close to small children. Where do the police recruit these idiots? They seemed to think the whole show was about them and were openly driving in a fashion that would have got any normal motorcyclist arrested. By them! It couldn’t be any more stupid.

What makes the Police believe that the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay is an opportunity for self promotion. What a really poor PR exercise it was too, it showed them in a very poor light. If they are going to behave like excited children then send them to a theme park for the day, but not to the Olympic Torch Relay.