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I’ve just heard our Eurovision Song Contest entry for this year. We have all shaken our heads in disbelief that the BBC have chosen veteran singer Englebert Humperdink to sing this years entry, but much to my surprise, it’s not that bad!

Back in the dark ages, the Eurovision Song Contest was won by the country with the best song, what a nice idea. Of course that outdated notion has long since been replaced by the concept of countries, many of them newly created by the fall out of the Soviet Union, voting for their friends and neighbours. As we in the UK have few of either of those, we will never win again. The days of Sandie Shaw, Lulu, Bucks Fizz and Katrina and the Waves are long gone.

So we might as well do something different. There is not much point in putting up another completely unknown singer with a rather poor song, or sending yet another obsolete Boy Band to sing for us, if we are not going to win anyway, why not at least have some fun for a change. So Englebert isn’t that bad an idea actually. Now if we could just get Tom Jones to do backing vocals and Bruce Forsyth to dance, we might be on to something.

You can hear Englebert sing his entry here.