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What a strange world we live in Whitney Houston dead at age 48. No age at all really. What killed her? Fame probably. You discover when you take up skydiving, that the highs are really high and the lows are really low. You can have a fantastic day, or a terrible one. Showbiz is like that too. When you get to the top, it’s really hard to stay there, harder than getting there in the first place. Whitney got to the top because she was enormously talented, she really had a fantastic singing voice, and was a half descent actress too, but her life was not what she would have wished for.

A difficult marriage, criticism of her talent, largely from people with less talent that her and the difficulty of staying at the top of the business may have been a factor. The news has only just broken of her death, the cause of death is not yet known, but fame will have played its part.