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So the banks have to tell us if we have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. The current TV and radio ads, from the low-life lawyers who also chase ambulances and want to claim for an accident you haven’t had, tell you that they will claim it for you. For a fee of course. They don’t say you can do it yourself, free of charge.

They are saying that you could be due thousands of pounds. I doubt it. Even if we have been foolish enough to have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on a loan or mortgage, it can’t add up to thousands. None of us, surely, would be paying out thousands of pounds and not know it, we just can’t afford to do that.

You do not have to use one of these unscrupulous lawyers, they are only interested in how much money they can make from your claim, and the answer appears to be up to 35%. That’s a lot of your money for doing almost nothing.

If you have been sold PPI in the past, this could be on a loan, a mortgage or a credit card, have a look at the paperwork, and claim from the company. You have three years from now to do so, and you keep all the money if you get it back. Don’t be robbed again by a greedy third rate lawyer.