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Oh dear it just gets worse. Just one day after George Entwistle resigned as BBC Director General, the BBC announced that he’s getting a huge pay off. They are paying him a years salary as a parting gift. His annual salary was £450,000. The BBC say he is only entitled to six months pay, but they are paying his a full year anyway.

NO! He resigned, he is not entitled to anything! Lord Patten was asked after Entwistle resigned if he had been forced out and Lord Patten said that he had not been forced out, it was George Entwistle who had made the decision to resign.

He was only in the top job for 54 days, less than two months. In fairness to George Entwistle he had worked for the BBC for 23 years, ironically part of that time was spent as editor of ‘Newsnight’. But even allowing for that, he is still not entitled to any pay off as he resigned.

The BBC have just given away £450,000 for nothing. That is the total annual licence fee paid to the BBC by 3,093 UK homes. Is that a good use of public money? I don’t think so. The BBC desperately need to regain the confidence of the British public, this is not the way to do it.

BBC still world’s greatest broadcaster but what it has is a crisis of management of its own making – David Dimbleby


Now the BBC’s Director of News, Helen Boaden and her deputy Steve Mitchell have ‘stood aside’, that means they are doing nothing, but still getting paid. Who will look after Newsnight now?

Here is the chain of command. Newsnight Programme > Newsnight Editor: Peter Rippon > Deputy Director of News: Steve Mitchell > Director of News:  Helen Boaden > BBC Director General: George Entwistle. But:

Newsnight Editor: Peter Rippon – STOOD ASIDE > Deputy Director of News: Steve Mitchell – STOOD ASIDE > Director of News:  Helen Boaden – STOOD ASIDE > BBC Director General: George Entwistle – RESIGNED.

The BBC is a rudderless ship at the moment. The responsibility now lies with Acting Director General Tim Davie and the Chairman of the BBC Trust Lord Patten. Chris Patten is not really supposed to be involved in the day-to-day running of the BBC, but will have to take a more hands on approach until this crisis is over. You can not have the top three jobs vacant for long. God knows what will happen next!