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Thursday, 23rd June 2016. I posted this earlier today on Facebook, so apologies if you have already seen it.

But thank God this day has finally arrived. I am utterly sick of all the lies, misinformation, misconceptions, misquotes, invented facts, invented numbers, incorrect statements, inflated egos, backbiting, untruths, slogans, soundbites and downright lies, that we have had for too long now in this EU referendum campaign. All of those involved in this sorry spectacle, ALL OF THEM, should be utterly ashamed of themselves for the way they have lied to and cheated the British public, simply for their own political gain. None of them will be.

Let’s not forget that we are only having the hugely expensive and unnecessary referendum because David Cameron promised us a vote on continued EU membership at the last general election. He did so to steal the thunder from UKIP’s Nigel Farage who was offering the same.

Oh, and when tomorrow comes, can we please never, ever, again use the word ‘Brexit’, it’s not even a real word, it’s just as made up as most of the ‘information’ we have had thrust upon us for the last six weeks or so.

I have little time for Osborne, Corbyn, Farage or Baroness Warsi. I used to quite like Boris, mainly for his entertainment value, but he has gone down in my estimation. Gove, who I think of as beneath contempt, has also gone down in my estimation! In fact I think this campaign marks the low point of British politics in the last sixty years.

Quite frankly I am ashamed to be British right now, and I will not be voting today, I was granted a postal vote and so I voted last week. After spending some time searching for facts and ignoring almost everything the campaign offered me, I voted to ‘Remain’. In my opinion, and I’m as entitled to an opinion as anyone else, to vote ‘Leave’ would cause political uncertainty, financial turmoil and weaken our country for decades to come.

Whatever the outcome, and I write this as referendum day dawns, this country will be the poorer for showing the world how expensive political greed can be. Whatever the outcome there will be winners and losers, I just hope Britain isn’t among the losers.