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I’ve just been into a pub in Hurworth, near Darlington, with Helen for some lunch. It’s a long story why we were there and has nothing to do with lunch, I’ll not bore you with that. So the menu was good, not cheap, but good. I had a lovely pint of Jennings Cumberland Ale, which is always good and some very nice food too. Helen had the ‘Ploughmans’, I had a Cheesebuger. No complaints.

What spoilt the whole thing for me was the ‘rubbish-music-for-old-people‘ that they were playing. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and worst of all ‘Dean Martin – That’s Amore’. I hate that song. We were asked several times if everything was okay, and it was, but I did finally comment on the music and was told it was the theme of the pub! What does that mean? The food was very well presented and very ‘modern’ in it’s presentation, so why is the theme of the pub to play old fashioned music.

The sort of music that they were playing will only be remembered first time around by people who are well over 65. Is that what they want? Only very old people? Actually we did seem to be the youngest diners in the place.

So food, 8/10, Service 9/10, friendly welcome 9/10, Jennings Cumberland 10/10, music 1/10, and the one was for the welcome gaps between that tracks. So nice place, shame about the music. No Delphic, Bombay Bicycle Club, Steely Dan, Don Henley or Emeli Sandé.

Madonna has a new single out soon, it’s called ‘Masterpiece’. It’s a good song, I like it. But it’s not released yet so I can’t download it from iTunes or buy it from a High Street music shop, if there are any of those left. So I will have to either hope to catch it on Radio 2, be patient until it’s released in two weeks, or go to the Bay Horse in Hurworth and wait until late March 2077.